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What is Assessee ? (Meaning,Definition and type of Assessee)

Meaning of Assessee Sec.2(7) Assessee is person who liable to pay Tax, Intrest, or penalty under the Income Tax Act and includes every  person  in respect of whom any proceeding under this Act has been taken for the assessment of his income or assessment of fringe benefits or of the income of any other person in respect of which he is assessable, or of the loss sustained by him or by such other person, or of the amount of refund due to him or to such other person; every  person  who is deemed to be an assessee under any provision of this Act; every  person  who is deemed to be an assessee in default under any provision of this Act. Ordinary Assessee or Normal Assessee:- It includes Any person against whom some proceeding under this act are going on. It is immaterial whether any tax or other amount is payable by him or not.  Any person who has sustain loss and has filed return loss u/s 139(3) Any person by whom some amount of interest tax paid or penalty is

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